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Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr Ilona Wolanska Borys Services Terms


These terms apply between Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr. Ilona Wolanska Borys and you when you use our services and features as described in these terms (the “Services”). You sign up for the Services by accepting these terms.



Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr. Ilona Wolanska Borys  is a private Health and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic,that especially puts impact on  health care services (patients that are sick who has only D-nummer in Norway and are in a need of medical consultation, medical examination,treatment,prescription and sicknote), aesthetic medicine(nonpsychiatric medical treatment of body dysmorphic disorder), treatment for hair loss(Dracula therapy,hair transplant,medications),treatment of common urologic problems with the help of platelet-rich plasma(fe problems with erection and ejaculation). Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr. Ilona Wolanska Borys also cooperates with the hairdresser and beauticians(eyelash extensions, nail treatments, brow treatments, face and body treatments especially treatments stimulating weight and fat loss,fe cavi lipo treatment). From December 2019 there is a possibility to pay for our services with Klarna, so you can get and enjoy your treatments straight away. Simply put, a smooth user experience both before you have done your purchases and after you have done a purchase. These terms explain in more detail what this means. Please note that additional terms may apply to a specific payment method if you choose to make your payment by using one of the methods offered by Klarna.


  1. Conditions of undergoing treatments in the Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr. Ilona Wolanska Borys
  2. The patient has to be over 18 years old to get treatments that include hair removing with a diode laser, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy or strong chemical/medical peelings, and over 16 years old to get beauty services at hairdresser and beautician(stripes, eyelashes, nails)
  3. Patients have to be over 20 years old to get treatments with botulinum toxin (BOTOX).
  4. Under special circumstances, if the patient is under 18 years old and suffers from body dysmorphic disease that leads to strong depression, there is a possibility to get treatment after the written agreement of a parent.
  5. The patient that is sick and comes to medical consultation and examination is obliged to reveal all the conditions and other diseases, allergies or medications that can have an impact on the worsening of the disease and to tell the truth about the health condition during disease. It is important that patients answer with details to the interview made by medical doctors.
  6. If the patient is undergoing aesthetic medicine procedures it is a must that he/she comes to the visit healthy. All active diseases (also cold )exclude a patient from getting treatment.
  7. Patients must follow the rules after treatment that are explained by medical doctor during the consultation to avoid infection and are also available in the medical office.
  8. After treatment patient has to be careful and observe if the recovery process is going in the right way. If a patient is not sure if everything is ok, he or she should immediately contact the medical doctor that performed the procedure(from 10-22 call after sending SMS 454 00 496 24 hours reception).
  9. Return policy. All services, service packages, and pre-paid treatments are non-refundable. Normally, botox treatment lasts from 3 -6 months and dermal fillers from 6-18 months but individual results may vary and you cannot compare to your friends. This means that you have to seriously consider treatment after you get treatment,  injection with botulinum toxin or dermal filler, it is not possible to get money back. The same -non-refundable policy- concerns services at the hairdresser and beauty services(eyelashes, nails, face treatments, cavi lipo).
  10. Any complaints should be reported right after the procedure. Complaints that will be reported later than 24 hours after service, will not be taken into consideration.
  11. If you are not satisfied with the result and you would like to have the more spectacular effect, next appointments and treatments are needed and your medical doctor will prepare special, individual protocols for you that will also include the total cost of treatments.
  12. It is important to come back to the consultation two weeks after the procedure. Consultation is free but is an important part of the recovery process and the final effect.
  13. Botulinum toxin treatment includes free consultation and free injection after two weeks where there are corrected asymmetries or there is injected a little bit more if the effect is still not satisfactory.
  14. Dermal filler treatment and others include also free consultation after two weeks, but for the extra use of the product, the patient has to pay extra. 1 ml costs from 2900 kr to 3600 kr, depending on the mark of filler. During a consultation for up to two weeks, the patient can purchase products to the reduced price.
  15. 2. Autofill and preferences

In order for you to have a smooth and friction-free shopping experience, we will remember some information about you and use that information to autofill different forms during the booking of treatments and payments. This will enable you to save time and focus on more important stuff than filling out the same information over and over again. Let us explain in more detail how this works.


Autofill of your contact information

We can help you to fill in your contact information in two ways.

Autofill through the input of limited information

While interacting with Senter for Helse og Estetisk Medisin Dr. Ilona Wolanska Borys and Klarna we may ask for information about you, such as name, address, telephone number, email, date of birth, or personal identification number. We will keep this information in our systems so that when you return to us or use our payment methods, you will only need to provide some of this information such as email and zip-code, or personal identification number (dependent on the country) in order for us to autofill the remaining fields with your other details.

Autofill through a Klarna cookie

An additional method we can use to autofill your information is by placing a Klarna-cookie on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.). You may choose to store your details such as name, address, telephone number, email, date of birth, or personal identification number, and card details with Klarna. If you do so, we use the cookie to fetch those details from Klarna’s storage, and the cookie will help us to autofill them when you shop with Klarna.

By accepting these terms you give Klarna a consent to store this cookie on your device. For more information on our use of cookies see our Cookie Statement.

Disable autofill

If you don’t want to use the Autofill functionalities you can contact us and we will disable them. You can also disable them from the Klarna App or by adjusting your autofill settings during the purchase process. You can at any given time delete all cookies on your device, which deletes our cookie as well.

Autofill of other information

While interacting with our webpage kosmetisklege.com and  Klarna you may also provide us with other information, such as for example card details. You may choose us to keep this information in our systems so that when you return to us we may autofill such information after we have identified you.

When you shop directly from the Klarna App we can also autofill your details on the site where you are shopping. This is enabled by you being logged in to the app and we know it is you that are shopping.


Preselected preferred payment methods

In order to make your shopping experience even smoother, Klarna can be based on your previous purchases, pre-select the payment method that we believe to be your preferred way of paying. You may however also have access to other payment methods should you prefer to switch to another method than the one we pre-selected for you.


  1. 3. Klarna App

The Klarna App, provided to you by way of an app or a web portal is your hub for all your Klarna purchases and all other great features Klarna offers. By using the Klarna App you can pay your purchases, track your packages and many more things. Some of these features are activated by downloading the app or logging in through the web portal, while others can be activated by you after log in. The exact content of features can differ between different country versions of the Klarna App. Klarna updates the Klarna App continuously with new features. To mention a few of the features we are most proud of:

Features available in all countries:

  • View your current and previous Klarna purchases and transactions
  • Pay for your purchases
  • Easy interaction with Klarna, for example, chat

Example of other features we may offer depending on country version:       

  • View your transactions made with one of our subsidiaries Sofort GmbH, Billpay GmbH, and Klarna Inc. This will only be done after you have signed up for it in the subsidiary’s services. The transaction data (such as for example name, address, bank account number/IBAN, sort code/BIC, the reason for payment, date and amount, order details) will then be submitted to Klarna.
  • Order, delivery or parcel tracking
  • Easy return handling and refunds
  • Personal finance overview and management
  • Display of relevant information and articles, and personalized off
  • Upload, display, and storage of your transaction, receipts, images, and other material.
  • View your orders made via stores or entities unrelated to Klarna


  1. 4. Show historical transactions

Klarna stores information about your previous purchases and transactions for bookkeeping reasons. By accepting these terms you agree that we may use this data in order for us to display these transactions to you, and by doing so, allow us to use it for this additional purpose.


  1. 5. Offers and benefits

Klarna may provide you with offers and benefits such as discounts, special events, pre-access to products, sales promotions, merchant offers, sampling, and giveaways. What offers and benefits you receive will be based on your previous actions such as the number of purchases, purchase amounts, or usage of Klarna Services.


Are there any costs for the Services?

The Services are free of charge. Please note that interest and fees may apply to the use of a specific payment method. So make sure you check the specific information for the payment method that you use.


Improvement of the Services

We constantly work to improve our Services in order for you to get even a smoother user experience. This may require changes to these terms. In this case, you will be asked to accept the new terms before you can continue to use the Services.


Privacy and your personal data

Please see our Privacy Notice for further details regarding our processing of your personal information and more information about your rights regarding your data. You can also find our contact details should you have any questions. 


Cookies and similar tracking technologies

For parts of the Services, we use cookies and similar technologies to deliver a tailored and smooth online experience. For detailed information about how Klarna uses cookies and similar technologies, please read our Cookie Statement.


Your obligations

You shall always provide correct information and use your own and correct identity. Any use of information that does not belong to you or that you for other reasons are not authorized to use, or the use of the Services in a non-prescribed way, will be seen as a misuse. Any data relating to misuse or suspected misuse may be saved and used for future risk assessment and for the protection of involved parties. Klarna reserves the right to block the Services from further usage.

If you upload or share content to Klarna, you grant Klarna a royalty-free right to use and display the content for purposes of delivering the Services. We have the right to remove any content uploaded or shared by you if we are required by law, or believe it is offensive, inappropriate, unlawful, violating the rights of others, or otherwise objectionable. You are liable for any content uploaded or shared by you.


Third party services

Some features used by you, for example parcel tracking, may include services provided by a third party.

Your use of Google Maps in the Klarna App is subject to the then-current Google Maps/Google Earth Additional Terms of Service at https://maps.google.com/help/terms_maps.html and Google Privacy Policy at https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/.


Duration and termination of this agreement

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time. It applies until it is terminated by you or us and can be terminated at any time.


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