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Lip augmentation

Dr. Borys has a lot of experience with lip enhancement.

Want more volume for your lips? Define lip contours or correct asymmetry? Then you can choose from several fillers, fairy juvederm, restylane, teosyal, neauvia, filorga, hyaluronica, revanesse, thread lift or botulinum toxin treatment.


Wrinkle Treatment

After free consultation with Dr Borys, you will receive accurate information on wrinkle treatment options.

You can choose from several options, fairy: botulinum toxin treatment (a drug fairy BOTOX, VISTABEL, DYSPORT, AZZALURE that works by blocking impulse transfer from the nerve), dermal fillers treatment (all fillers fairy juvederm, restylane, teosyal, neauvia, filorga contain hyaluronic acid crystal clear gel injected into the skin, dermapen treatment (advanced micronone formulation that increases skin collagen production), plasmapen treatment (pen that works by ionizing gas particles in the air between the tip and the skin to form plasma and cut out wrinkles), wire lift (at using thread made of polydioxanone without or with barbs, Dr Borys lifts and tightens limp skin).