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Cryolipolysis Session at Klinikk Bergen !

Cryolipolysis Session at Klinikk Bergen !

CoolSculpting is a non-intrusive, FDA approved procedure that freezes obstinate fat to shape your body without any surgery or downtime. It is an effective and gentle method of melting down the fat where fat cells are crystallized, which makes them die. Once the fat cells are dead, they are naturally processed and excreted by your body, reducing fat in the areas which are treated.

You may be curious concerning the difference between Laser Lipo and CoolSculpting.

A common mistake done by a number of patients is that they assume both of these treatments provide identical benefits despite the area being treated and the volume of fat in that area. It is essential to remember that CoolSculpting is an ideal treatment for treating larger fat deposits. CoolSculpting has zero downtime. You will see results much faster, and it is non-invasive.